Erotic Pole Dancing…

I am suggesting that you try pole dancing. Why? Because it unleashes the wild woman living inside you… and it’s fun. Your partner will love you for it. What more can you ask for? Here’s my story:

On Being Seductive

Wouldn’t you like to be a great seducer? Most men would. The art of seduction is not a myth. It is a learned set of behaviors, just like becoming a good lover, or a good golfer or a good sales [...]

On Being Fierce

Sexual science - I recently attended the World Congress of Sexual Health in Sydney, Australia. (April, 2007). Yes, we do have those kind of conventions where sexologists gather [...]

On Being Attractive

I know. You’re wondering, “How am I going to get the woman of my dreams to want me?” Such a great question. And the answer is really up to you! I always get asked by the shy or lonely guys to [...]

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