This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2003.

Whether you’re slaving over a hot grill, or a cool keyboard, summer connotes the easy life, doesn’t it? Memories or images flood us, of rowboats at the glassy lake, Mai Tai’s on the deck, burgers on the back patio, ants at the picnic in the park, or a day lounging in the sun at the beach. It’s summertime again and school’s out. Most working adults (unless you happen to be a school teacher and also have a summer break you can afford), take a week or two off for vacation at least sometime in the summer. Okay. So, if it’s a trip to drop off the kids, time away to contemplate your navel, a romp in the woods with your dog, or carousing the singles bars every night to nurse that yesterday’s hangover, sex may be on the brain. As above, so below. When it’s hot out it’s often hot inside, and you know what kind of heat I’m talking about, don’t you? Lusty hunger or sweet romance may be knocking at the screen door of your dreams this summer, or you wish it were. Maybe it’s the lack of sexual juiciness that’s got you stuck under the covers and sweating bullets. Well, summer’s that special time when books about sex, love and romance abound. Here are some sites to explore for new and old sexy novels to get your paddles in the water again:

When I recommend erotica, I always include some of my favorites, including my own erotic novel, The Adventures of Her in France, which you can buy right here at our site (Books); Exit to Eden, and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice under her many noms de plume; the books by Anais Nin; the Herotica series in print and on audiotape; Dangerous Day and the Doctor Is In, by friend Charlotte Rose/Anonymous which are out of print but worth the digging to find them; The Story of O; Nancy Friday’s landmark books, including Women on Top; Best American Erotica (by year) and Best Women’s Erotica (by year); the sexy books edited and compiled by Dr. Lonnie Barbach, along with the Kensington Ladies and especially a great press, Cleis, which specializes in all things erotic… and on and on.

You can search around and find your own favorites. Use erotic literature to sizzle your summer to the max. Read to yourself or share with your lover. You’ll find that a steamy read may be just what the sex doc ordered to fan that heat above and below.

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