Dr. Catherine Hansen (ob/gyn) is my friend and colleague, specializing in helping women and couples bring the spark back to their relationship (both in and outside the bedroom). Dr. Hansen has a passion for helping couples deepen the connection of joy, desire, lust and love. Her work emphasizes the importance of guiding women to a deeper understanding of who they really are at their core. She has been providing this, much needed, service for 15 years and has found the office setting very limiting so she has developed a brand new approach!  I’m really excited to extend an invitation to you to participate in her FREE webinar.

Just click the link below to register for her A Journey to Rediscover Intimacy Webinar:


This webinar is an amazing investment in both yourself and your relationship and I encourage you to attend.  Her bio-sketch is available here and I’m sure you will find her presentation entertaining, engaging and just overall fun to participate in!

You will not be disappointed,

Enjoy your journey!!


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