Here are two fave themes for males~ the eggs line and the cylinder, all from Tenga.
I happen to be working with a slew of men, all of whom have no female partners at the moment, and maybe never will. Older virgins, married men not willing to rock the boat of the container of their marital vows, and some who just can’t get a hook up if their life depended on it. These are men who rely on what I write about in my training manual, The Art of Sex Coaching, as EP for Enhanced Pleasure seekers. So, here are some masturbation sleeves that enhance the dance and that truly capture my imagination with their playful and practical designs.

Product Description (Buy them all here)

Tenga Flip Air Lite is a stylish addition to the Tenga product line. Featuring an innovative side flip opening, this unique male masturbator utilizes a single air pressure button to provide a customizable experience unlike any other. The Black Flip Air Lite is sized for the average male with a unique interior for a custom experience. The medical grade interior utilizes a more firm texture to provide a more intense experience. In sexy black or pure white.
Product Description
The Tenga Stepper Egg’s directional details facing upwards and downwards, in tandem with the stroke movement produces bi-directional stimulations. Shell shaped wedges give refreshing sensations. These little beauties are stretchy and fit all sizes. Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves. Perfect travel toys – pop them in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-right-now orgasm.
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