Tuesday I posted information about the latest in sex toy inventions: The world’s smartest vibrator – The World’s First Artificially Intelligence Vibrator. Shortly after I came across a collection of photos of prehistoric sex toys from all over the world, dating as old as 30,000 B.C. Check out all the photos here. The contrast between the two articles brings up an important question for me… are these art or tools? or Both?

Clearly prehistoric humans put a lot of time and attention into carving or sculpting these objects. If they used them as we use modern dildos, the argument could be made that they’re tools just like any hammer or chisel. I appreciate each creator’s attention to detail and the diversity of the collection, so I appreciate them as art. Either way, it’s important to note that we’ve been using dildos for a very long time! This suggests that pleasure has always been an important aspect of human sexuality because these dildos can’t impregnate their partner.

Looking at the prehistoric sex toys, I’m thankful that we live in the age of artificially intelligent vibrators rather than stone dildos! What do you think? Tool, art, or both? Which would you rather use, prehistoric sex toy or modern sex toy? Do you think these objects were likely used for sexual pleasure or are they an homage to human anatomy?

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