The PC exercises
From original ms for The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice ©
By Patti Britton

This is a basic sexual skill that you can integrate into your daily practice, as a male or female:
The PC exercises: Exercising Pubococcygeal muscles or the love muscles (I don’t like to call these exercises by their proper name the Kegels, because it sounds too clinical.)
PC exercises benefit, for example, women who are not orgasmic and men who have difficulty sustaining an erection. They strengthen the response to penetration. Both men and women can learn to use their strengthened PC muscles as power pumping in sex play.
My PC exercise coaching method:
Locate the PC muscles of the pelvic floor by stopping and starting the flow of urine. Then never use that technique again! Use the following pattern for daily practice.
a. Locate those muscles and squeeze them tightly on a two-count. Say one potato, two potato for the count.
b. Release them for a one count, one potato.
c. Repeat this for 20 times;
d. Take a short rest; 20 seconds;
e. Do the whole thing two more times for a total of 30 repetitions.
f. Do EVERY day for three weeks without fail and you will find a marked positive change with sex.
After three weeks of regular exercise, women report tighter vaginas and more intense orgasms. Men have firmer erections. Both can use their PC muscles effectively during intercourse. In one ancient sexual secret technique, aptly named pompoir power, she flexes her muscles around the penis (or pumps it) making him feel like she’s milking his ejaculate.

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