This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2003.

Hot, sticky and safe: Tips for Outdoors Sex

If outdoors sex is on the horizon for you, read on…
Here are five tips…the good and bad news…about outdoors sex.

1. Public sex can be very erotic. It can add zest to your arousal, be fun, and an escape from the tedium of the bedroom. It may even feel like you are cheating, being naughty, or nasty, all of which can be hot libido or arousal enhancers.

WARNING: No overt public displays of explicit sex, if you want to stay out of jail in some states or cities, which have ordinances or laws preventing such “lewd and lascivious” behaviors. Don’t put you and your sexy buddy in harm’s way, by not passing go and going into the gulag. It’s not a fun place to spend a night. Get some dark tinted windows for that van, SUV or sedan for parked car sex. Never stay in a parked car that’s airtight with the windows and doors locked shut and the motor running, even if it’s below zero, as you will have a “little death” moment that lasts beyond your present lifetime. Death from carbon monoxide is not a pleasant aphrodisiac. We don’t want to see you enacted on the opening segment of “Six Feet Under.”

2. Protect your skin. Having sex with bare skin in the wind, riding your partner on the beach or meadow, can feel delicious.

WARNING: Be sure to wear sunblock or sunscreen protection. Usually at least 15 or maybe even 30 SPF is required to block those harmful UV rays. Use more, or avoid the sun altogether, if you are fair-skinned or have a history of cancerous growths. If lying, prancing or making love in the sun is your thing, be sure to cover up or apply extra slather to the family jewels, which can mean the nipples, the vulva, (especially if you are denuded of pubic hair), the penis and scrotum. With the level of holes in our atmospheric ozone layers, pollutants and sheer over-exposure to bad sun effects, it’s not worth taking a chance.

3. Watch out for harmful critters! Although being in the bosom of mother nature can be erotic, freeing and allow you to leave your cares behind, along with that cell phone, please, troubles can occur to stop your good times. Be sure to arm yourself with the proper protection, treatment for those bites and irritations, and snacks that are safe. Also, matches, a compass, and plenty of water are a must, especially if you are climbing around in foreign territory for a long period, not just an afternoon tryst. Plan ahead.

WARNING: Watch out for creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. Here are a few examples:
1) Spiders, such as the horribly frightening specie, Recluse spiders that hang out in dark places that humans should not go, and whose bite can kill, like the Black Widow.
2) Fireants, which have a horrible sting and can cause havoc, and other dangerous biting bugs.
3) Rattlesnakes and other poisonous biting reptiles.
4) Annoying and sometimes dangerous plants, such as poison ivy, oak and sumac; allergens in certain plants that keep you insanely itchy or trigger a fatal attack.
5) Flying or creeping insects, that may not harm you for the long haul but can ruin any good day in the open air, such as biting blackflies or ants at a picnic spread.
6) Dangerous flowers or growing things, like certain very dangerous mushrooms (don’t ask me… just don’t eat what you don’t recognize 100%!), flowers, or plants and berries.

4. Having sex outdoors can be a freedom ride, of body, mind and spirit. Nature is, after all, very sexy. See Earth Erotica Above And when you’re out there in Mother Nature taking a nature hike, riding ponies in the surf, parasailing, climbing a mountain, or picnicking in paradise, all on a hot date with your new gf or your L3 lifetime partner, it’s easy to ooze into sex, isn’t it? If sex happens, especially without careful planning, be careful of ouches.

WARNING: Prepare for sex before it happens. Don’t forget to bring these items for your sexual pleasure and protection: condoms and lube, birth control, towels, wipes or paper towels, antibacterial soapless solutions without water, a change of clothing in case you sit on an anthill or poisonous vines. Keep yourself safe from unintended pregnancies and STDs, even if it means delaying your sexual gratification until you get home and have the stuff to do so. Take care to plan for your creature comforts, too. Better safe than sorry for all of this and you’ll find outdoors sex can be as sweet as marshmallows at the evening campfire.

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