Sexual science – I recently attended the World Congress of Sexual Health in Sydney, Australia. (April, 2007). Yes, we do have those kind of conventions where sexologists gather to share information, stretch our brains and learn a few new tricks. But, nope these aren’t sex fests, where the sound of humping goes on behind closed doors. In fact, the only humping sounds I know of come from tapping the mike before the Power Point gets rolling. These conferences highlight data about important findings, like the fact that in some famous sex laboratories the smartest females are the rats who know how to scoot to the side of the cage where the males can’t cross over to her side. That lady rat likes to be alone to get her desire cooking. Hmm. Sound familiar?

Speaking of mounting, I always love the words science uses about rat sex, like lardosis. Sounds like a kind of expensive, fatty cheese to slather on French baguettes, doesn’t it? It actually means the way a girl rat lifts her butt in the air, in a sort of “come and get it, guys” alert, signaling him enter her. When the guy rat mounts her from behind, doggy style (or ratty style), he is touching her flank, the magical place where Mother Nature has perfectly prepared Miss Ratola to activate for sex, letting him do his thing. Now, the fact is that females of the rat generations go into their heat every four days or so, so don’t go comparing your Missus or that gal you want to hump from the bar last week to Miss Rat. But rats do teach us a lot about the human species, especially if you think about how to get your pretty woman into the act with having to set a trap or lay a path of cheese bits. Just touching your gal pal’s flank is not going to get you very far in the bedroom.

After my stop in Sydney I took a quick jet to New Zealand. After all, the world has always touted the hi-T culture of Maoris as the fiercest of warriors and I wanted to get some fierceness firsthand.

I attended one of those Maori re-enactments, in a precious primitive village set up in the woods. I still am reeling from the impact from seeing the fierce Maori men do their thing. They fight, they taunt, they dance, they talk and sing. And it reminded me that contemporary gents need to get their fierce mojo working today to get more action in bed!

Maori men are hot! I mean solid lean bodies, with ripped abs, quads of steel, chiseled faces, heavy primitive and scary-looking black-painted tattoos on their faces, animalistic sounds, and long, draping tongues with rolling eyes to get your blood boiling. It all begins with an initiation at the gate to the village, where they taunt you with their warring ways. If you happen to be the unlucky dude who they choose as the leader of the visitor tribe, you may pee your pants before you enjoy you walk around the campfire.

Here’s the formula for being FIERCE, Maori-style:

F is for Fearless. Maori men are without fear. They stride, prance and dance without a hint of being weak or vulnerable.
When you act fearless, you send out a vibe that you can do anything. Women have often told me that the type of man they find attractive, much like the bad boy syndrome, is the one who exudes his own power. Make sure you don’t act like a victim. Stand up straight. Strut your stuff. Walk like a proud, strong, able guy in front of the ladies. Make yourself look at manly as you can. Maybe you follow the trend of letting that five o’clock shadow be your daily look; or then again maybe you like to wear that teeshirt one size too small, showing off that those hours in the gym have paid off in pecs to die for. If you are not fit, get into a physical activity that can tone your bod. Women really do like a dude who’s fit, tight and hard. Not just below the belt but all over. Many women have told me in session that they like the look of buff biceps, or a bold walking style, or even the shirt tucked into those nice fitting jeans to show your male form. You can attract much more than a glance if you work on your fearless quotient. Show her you aren’t afraid to approach her. Lower your voice when you speak, and walk like a warrior.

I is for Invincible. No one can take down a Maori warrior. He is impenetrable in his courage. Act like you mean it. One of the hallmarks of the Maori way is the sense of “I can do anything.” I love that about this culture. Most women are going to tell you that if you come across as self-confident that goes a long way to getting yourself laid. Self-confidence reeks like an aphrodisiac cologne. Wear some! Find a way to show her you are a tower of your own power and watch her succumb to your wiley ways.

E if for Energized. He never stops moving his body, pounding his chest when we walks; even his eyes are constantly wide open and moving, like his long active tongue when he grimaces and growls as a marauder approaches his territory. Okay. This is important. Get off your chair or off that couch and start moving. Energy is everything when it is about being attractive to females, or being good in bed. If you have low slouchy energy about you, you’re inherently sending a signal that you are not that interesting. Did you realize that? Get into your own energy zone. Work out, even if it’s just walking around that messy apartment for 10 minutes every three hours, pounding your chest while you do; it’ll help to clear the mental dust and rev up your body engines. Get out into fresh air and grab some direct sunlight at least once a day, if you can. The sun energizes you. It gives you something you cannot get from a jar, can or bottle. Just 10 minutes exposure a day can improve your health. Give up those ciggies, any energy-depleting recreational drugs you may use, and limit your alcohol intake. The more you move into the glow of your health, the more energy you are going to have. Women like guys who have good energy. Period. Get into it! And when you are performing sexually, if you are lackluster, dull, or are deficient in the stamina necessary to give her a good mounting, she is not going to call you back when you text (or beg) her for the next date. I promise you. If you are married or with the same chick for more than a long weekend, be sure you remain alive and active. One of the killers of lasting sex is the lack of the energy you need. So, ramp up your storage batteries, by using your body to be active, sleeping well, minimizing stress, and making special time to connect with the lady who shares your den.

R is for Roaring. He roars. He actually makes a low growling sound to scare and intimidate you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Communication, verbal and non-verbal is the foundation for a great relationship and, whether you believe it or not, the glue to trap a girl. If you learn how to talk and show your feelings, you are going to appear more appealing to the opposite sex. What I love about the Maori men is that they are constantly sounding, as I like to call it. They moan, they roar, they growl, they sing, they speak in full sentences, (with British accents, to boot). Their ability to share their thoughts and feelings make women listen. If you can talk to your female counterpart, letting her in on your inner world of your thoughts or your emotions, she’s going to want to get closer. Just like the magic of those rats, when the male touches her flank, your words are like arrows piercing her mind and heart. And guess what? That kind of opening usually leads to opening her legs.

C is for cocky, careful and clever. He’s cocky, strutting around as if to say, “Don’t F with me, baby….”. I’m the man. I’m your guy. He’s careful, with his steps, his movements, his looking into your eyes. He’s clever. He can get you to smile then move in for the kill, or seduce you with his lilting song. I want you to act like a Maori in bed. Look deeply into her eyes to seduce her. Be that type of man who dazzles her with your self-assuredness, and take her. The fact remains that millions of dollars of profit are made each year on those romance novels for a reason: Women like to be swooned or taken. But not with coercion, violence or pressure. It’s a style I’m telling you to adopt, while keeping your respect alive for her real wishes. If she says to you and means it, “Hey, not tonight, I really am too tired…” don’t force it. But if she’s wishy-washy, waiting for you to be the man and take charge, then do it. Use direct eye contact, get creative in how you please and pleasure her, and learn how to sing to your lady. I’ll never forget in my own past when a guy would sing to me, lying naked under the covers to woo me into his spell. That always worked! You can do it, too.

E is for Empathy. He’s empathic, watching you and waiting for your every move or response to him. He’s “into you.” You probably know about that best-selling book that talks about being into someone. Well, you can hone your empathy skills to get into her. One of the traits of Maori men is their uncanny sensitivity woven in with their manliness. That blending of the hard and soft, the daring and caring, the masculine and feminine sides, is part of their allure. Find your inner sensitive self and let it out with a partner. Ask good questions, learning more about her inner self. Watch her. Talk to her. Stroke and caress her. Be a part of her world in all ways. Those delights will go a long way to assuring many more nights of nookie for you, and millions of orgasms into the later years.

If there’s one thing I can say about my trip to Down Under (and maybe yours, too), it’s the power of the Maori fierceness. Those blazing eyes, shiny teeth and curling tongues, artful designs on their cheeks, legs, arms and chests, their taut forms, their low-throaty voices, their tender songs of love, their beating on their drums and posturing for the kill….all of these fierce ways of being are a turn-on. The more you can uncover your inner fierce warrior, the better.

Here’s to many more happy nights of dancing like fierce warriors for you and yours.

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On Being Fierce
By Dr. Patti Britton

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