I was so thrilled to have been asked to design and then host, script, narrate, go on camera, and co-direct the scenes for this amazing new program on anal play for couples. Yes, heteros do the back door thing, too!! I found that coaching these couples was one of the highlights of my DVD-hosting career; not only were some of them anal virgins, but once they literally were willing to cross the threshold for anal stimulation in a variety of ways they discovered this new erogenous zone for enhancing their intimate bond along with their sexual repertoires. This is a remarkable display of how couples can explore the once taboo topic (and region) of anal eroticism and sexual engagement, safely, with proper education, a huge array of anal toys, and the type of positive role modeling for open communication that great relationships should strive to attain. I am so proud of these 6 people for being willing to let me guide them into a new realm for ecstatic sexual pleasure. Buy this now!

Here is what Loving Sex says about it;
Anal Sex Play for Lovers (150 minutes)
SKU D655
Move beyond your fantasies with this steamy 2-DVD set to explore the most provocative of sex acts. Imagine a level of delight, beyond your standard bedroom fare, that can heighten love and increase pleasure with your partner. Couples who engage in anal eroticism will advance their sexual skills and discover another enticing alternative to sexual intercourse.

**Explore anal masturbation for her and him
**Learn the ecstasy of oral-anal pleasure
**Discover the keys to preparation for anal play
**Engage in the ultimate – anal penetration
**Go beyond with double and mutual anal play

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