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It’s that other special time of year, when movies abound to earn the cherished awards of the craft.

Don’t miss these feature films and favorite series at Showtime, either just past their prime or about to soar to lasting fame.

  • Don Jon 5*****

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson. Written/directed by JGL.

This was one *bad* film! Meaning? Don’t hesitate to rent this one from your favorite download or rental source. Joseph Gordon Leavitt is bound to be Oscar-nominated for his performance, and/or writing and directorial skills in portraying the realities of porn dependency over human flesh. Notice I do not call it “porn addiction” as it is not a disease to many of us in the field of sexual wellness, rather a behavioral problem that can be resolved.   Yes, any guy who could have a fling under the covers with the sexy Scarlett Johansson (although she was a kind of bitchy controlling hopeless dopey romantic-on-steroids) then slither away to jerk off to porn on his laptop has something wrong under the hood, or head.  The poignant depiction of porn use over real relationships is so deftly shown in this tender yet often humorous film. The tenor of the growing bond with the widow played by Julianne Moore leaves you breathless to find out if this guy can really make the grade and show up in a true intimate bond. I loved it.

  • Showtime Series: Masters of Sex 5*****
  • Starring: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan and Caitlin Fitzgerald, Beau Bridges and Allison Janney and a stellar cast that is flawless; Based on the book by producer Thomas Maier.

The Season One series of “Masters of Sex” ended yesterday to a teary eyed audience hungering if not panting to be fed more of the unfolding tale of two sex researchers whose daring work formed the foundation for the knowledge and systematic approaches (such as the sexual response cycle and the function of pleasure) that many of us as sexologists continue to offer to our students, to clients and to the media today. Masters and Johnson, or M&J, are known as the founders of sex therapy or the treatment of sexual problems as a basis for treatment protocol even today. Not unlike “Downton Abbey” this show has cast a spell on us all. No one I know has a bad word to say about it –despite many of us asking the same questions over and over again: “But it is TRUE?” And we all answer with little insights into the accuracy of the inside tale of these two pioneers with a casual “Who cares!?” As a member of the legions of avid viewers of this new show, we are all on pins and needles (or tracking our own plethysmography results now, LOL) to see the evolutionary tale of this noted and notorious couple that changed the course of understanding about sex. The cast  is playing the characters to perfection. The entire production profoundly well portrays the social and cultural values about sexuality in the era that housed the beginnings of American sexual science research and the controversial human studies on sexual response, orgasm and sexual (dys)function, led by the the famed team of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. At the end of season one we witness the changing of the personal relationships and the shifting of the old guard to a new world. Don’t miss this show! Onto Season Two as soon as it opens. Woo Hoo for sexual science and hot eros!!!


  • New great and sexually related films to watch for: American Hustle; Philomena; Wolf of Wall Street…and more. What are your favorite films this year? Send in your ideas to me at:
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