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Dallas Buyers Club: 5*****
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto (Note that the two men have already been nominated for Golden Globes awards for their irreproachably talented performances)

Once in a while a movie comes along that touches you so deeply you cannot stop thinking about it or find your way to fathom its potential value to the world. This is a true story, my fave type of film, about a lowlife rodeo dude and electrician (played by formerly hunky now emaciated MMc) who finds out to his surprise he is HIV+ in the mid 1980’s when only gay men where becoming infected. His HIV status arrived out of nowhere from one act of unprotected sex with a woman. This is his story of defiance of the medical system, his fight to make safe and natural drugs available to himself and the new peer group in which he discovers himself, and his dedication to an uncanny pursuit of justice and survival. It opens you up to the sheer drive and courage of–and the difference made by– one single person who risked everything to change the way we view and treat PWAs (People with AIDS), those with “other” sexualities such as the amazing trans person played by Leto, and what it took for this real person, Ron Woodroof, to amass the energy and failure-to-give-up attitude that wins hearts and saves lives. Garner plays the MD so beautifully, exposing the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, as she pursues justice in her own way. Finally, it is the emergence of real-life heroes in this battle for life that prevails even today, as cases of HIV are now again escalating among gay men and worldwide in certain populations. This is a chilling and moving film experience, one not to miss. I hope that its message carries for us all who have somehow been affected by this horrific disease or who have been victims of toxic medications under the guise of healing. Above all, this is truly a film about personal freedom. Kudos!

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