Two memorable theatrical events: Chrystee Pharris “In Search of O” and Shelley Berman LIVE!

Chrystee Pharris performs

In February we had the pleasure of attending not one but TWO theatrical events that rocked the house and tickled our funny bones (and maybe some other bones). We had the thrill of seeing amazingly talented Los Angeles women from the ” best of” festival of one-woman shows do their thang. One was all about the metaphor of a watermelon as the unowhat of a girl; “Please don’t eat the watermelon until it’s ripe”… got it? The other was a very talented Chrystee Pharris, who does an insightful, funny and deeply moving  bit about her pitiful virginal honeymoon night, the inevitable divorce, her singlehood, and the ensuing search for her orgasm–through toys, whips, online dating and more. We laughed and cried at both. Live theater is the best!!!! Here is a pic and if you ever catch a chance, go see her live.

The other month’s treat was to see and hear the ultra smart and hilarious banter of none other than USC Professor of Writing, Shelley Berman. His fame from the 1970’s continues even today. He read from a new book of his poems, which left a few wilted tissues on tables from the tears we all shed after a poignant reading and exhalations of gut-splitting laughter. Shelley just turned a young 89 and kept us laughing til the very end.

Shelley in the middle, with his wife and us!

Shelley in the middle, with his wife and us!


What treasures to cherish.

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