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If you have ever attended any of my professional trainings, workshops or speaking events, you know I am a huge fan of the holistic imprint and shamanic healing techniques brought to the mainstream by my dear colleague, friend and internationally recognized pioneer in the world of sexology. She is none other than the famous, brilliant, and compassionate healer, noted author and leading sex therapist, Gina Ogden! Dr. Gina has created a model that is akin to my own MEBES model, integrating body, mind and spirit. Her ISIS model, evolved after years of research and having infused many a workshop training for seasoned practitioners, including yours truly as an ISIS Practitioner, is a new model for helping clients discover sexual wellness. You can become trained in the basics of ISIS, by taking her online course as part of SexCoachU’s Experts Academy. Learn more here.

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ISIS represents a medicine wheel approach, with Mind, Emotions, Physical, Spiritual realms being addressed and Integration being the hub of her wheel motif. A similar approach that I use, in my own MEBES model, also addresses Mind, Emotions, Body/Behaviors, Energy and Spirit and can be interpreted as a complimentary model for sexual health and pleasure. The ISIS network has just been opened.
If you are looking for ways to heal your sexual wounds, celebrate the power of the spirit of eros, or just want to claim the sex positive energies you seek to proclaim for your own life, visit the ISIS Network today!

Here is what ISIS is all about in Ogden’s own words:
The ISIS Wheel—

Based on scientific research and clinical experience

The acronym “ISIS” is derived from “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality,” a nationwide survey independently conducted by Gina in the mid 1990s. The ISIS survey had 3,810 respondents, ages 18-86, from every state in the US. You can find the original ISIS survey here.

A major finding from these respondents was that sexual experience involved more than just physical performance—it involved all aspects of their lives: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This was groundbreaking evidence, because the prevalent scientific view of sex had been limited to activities that could be counted and measured, such as intercourse and orgasm. This view shaped the national conversation about sex, and set constricting goals on the practice of sex therapy.

It was imperative to find a user-friendly model so that these ISIS findings could be used effectively with clients—to shift the focus from sexual performance, (and pathology, and dysfunction) to a comprehensive picture of how clients feel about sex, what sex means in their lives, and most importantly, to a full picture of what they want and need.

No such comprehensive model existed in sexology. So the ISIS Wheel borrowed its form from the Medicine Wheel, an ancient template for exploring spiritual awareness—body, mind, heart, and spirit. The ISIS Wheel is now a contemporary template for exploring sexual awareness—body, mind, heart, and spirit. ISIS work has also developed important core dynamics, including working with power objects, which expands the basic template into the variety of Wheels you see on this website.

To learn more about the ISIS Wheel approach, get her latest book:


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