Diversity peopleI want to thank the members of the CatalystCon sex ed community who have reached out to me to address my blog post about my views on what I experienced at CatalystCon regarding “microagressions.”  I appreciate being in dialogue with a few dedicated representatives of the CC community in a spirit of collaboration, education and well meaning “call outs!”. I am a lifelong learner, like the rest of us, and the territory of speaking/writing about inclusivity or diversity can be a challenge. Like others, I thought I was speaking for justice and fairness; instead I inadvertently caused hurt and harm to the sensibilities of a community that is working very hard for social/sexual/racial justice and freedoms.  As a co-founder of Feminists for Free Expression and an Advisory Council Member of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, both organizations devoted to promotion of justice, free speech and other sexuality-related freedoms, I am a huge advocate for human (sexual) rights for every person.

I send out a humble apology to anyone whom I have offended, especially if any of my comments caused offense. I apologize for my naivetee. We are all in this together. My intention and wish is that we can work or play together without shaming, blaming, flaming or making each other wrong, causing further separation. I am on board for unity. I welcome the spirit of collaboration and education of one another. I look forward to my learning curve expanding, and invite suggestions and recommendations for educational opportunities, as we all navigate the new world of inclusivity. Email me: Drpatti@drpattibritton.com.

Blessings, Dr. Patti

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