My latest couples’ enhancement DVD program is now out. It takes about a year or two to produce the quality of program that I can put my face and name on for the Alexander Institute’s fine line-up of couples’ DVDs and this is one of my best. (READ ON…)

I love being able to conceptualize, design, narrative, script, go on camera as your host and dig deep for those precious workshop moments that can transform a person or couple’s understanding to bring them back into hot pleasures together. This one’s no exception! Because I see the bedroom boredom in so many of my couples as clients, or the profound disappointments in singles I serve (yes, both men and women), I created this particular teaching DVD to show how even a “sexless” relationship can find the reboot switch and turn on the heat. I must say, some of the real life couples in this program are sizzling. And oh, the stories I could tell, as the co-director of the spicy demo scenes on the set! So, if you are thinking up something sassy for your own New Year’s Eve party, this is it!!

Break the monotony and discover how to make sexual sharing with your partner a #1 priority again.

Explore along with three attractive couples as they learn explicit ways to awaken the animal spirit, investigate dominance and submission, and use foreplay as the gateway to sexual ecstasy.

Learn new sexual techniques for sparking variety, pushing the envelope, and freeing your sensual self.

The result: experience hotter sex!
**Rekindle your passion *

*Foreplay as the key to better orgasm *

*Awakening the senses for hotter sex *

*Experimenting with new sexual positions *

*Exploring erotic power exchange *

*Keeping sex playful


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