This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2003:

This month get a little daring. Experiment to tell if the dynamic of an erotic power exchange can enhance your sexual experience. If you are single, use a scenario in your head as fuel for a masturbatory interlude. If you are with a partner talk to your lover about a scenario to explore, such as in the movie “Secretary” where the Dominant (male in this case) orders the Submissive (female here) to bend over his desk for her discipline action. He administers 8-12 good smacks with his full hand open, palms down, onto the cushy part of her buttocks; or give an order to be obeyed by your partner that lasts for a negotiated period of time such as, “Lie naked on the bed, facing the wall, with your arms and legs spread and your eyes shut, for the next five minutes until I tell you to move. I’m going to touch you and you are not going to resist me….” No hurting, no pushing beyond negotiated or set boundaries, now. This is an opportunity to experience the realm of your power. Taking full charge or completely surrendering to a partner (even if part of role play, pretend, or for real for a short while) can create new elements of trust, intimacy and excitement for your relationship.

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