I am suggesting that you try pole dancing. Why? Because it unleashes the wild woman living inside you… and it’s fun. Your partner will love you for it. What more can you ask for?

Here’s my story:

Well, I did it. I crossed a personal line one night in 2006. I took my first (professionally led) pole dancing class. Now that doesn’t mean that I have career expectations for the nearest Gentlemen’s club! What it does mean is that I joined the ranks of a hot craze that’s hitting the gym and dance floors nationwide: Stripping and pole dancing to…well, um, open you up! I could call it “pole dancing sex therapy”. Women of all sizes, ages, proclivities and ass-pirations are learning how to seduce, dance and stroll to get back to their roots. I mean their essence. I mean to become that tease, or that cajoler in stilettos. Okay. I won this class at a raffle, I really did, and oddly enough I was a bit apprehensive about revealing my curves in front of a group of strangers (all women) and risk killing myself by falling over, or worse yet, twirl around a fireman’s pole in a little studio while watching myself crash to the floor in full view of a mirror-covered set of walls and six other ladies in short shorts and high heels.

But, thankfully, our teacher was a master. I mean, she knows her stuff! And, the Exhale Studio in Venice Beach, California (yes, the same landmark that turned out Governator Ah-nold) is a little darling of a place, tucked away on a quiet side street, with four poles and a lovely wooden floor, with dimmable lights just perfect for doing the dirty dancing thang in a sort of public setting.

So, what happened? Well, we learned to walk like a stripper, using hip-shifting slinky movements, and making the shapes of S’s all over the place. We learned to lie on our backs, legs up in the air and spread ‘em, like the pros; and we learned to twirl around the poles like firemen on a call— but sweetly, curvaceously, seductively and with head flung back in an “I don’t care” kind of mode, boobs to the pole, with legs curled around it. We all got our chance to twirl that pole, suspended in space like flying acrobats in the air. Top that off with my borrowing from the teacher a pair of 6” stiletto white patent sandal heels. OMIGOD: Now I know why they wear those things. If you don’t kill yourself, you can’t help but feel alive and sexy on those little wonders.

I loved it. Pole dancing is the next best thing to a full-blown orgasm. And, get this: You get to feel the effects on your very first class (don’t try this without an expert guiding you, like Gabrielle of www.aphroditestripnpole.com fame!)

Pole Dancing is …
1. Freeing
2. Exhilarating
3. Self-empowering
4. Sexy
5. Seductive
6. Dominance over your audience
7. Gets you healthy and very fit
8. Makes you feel very very curvy
9. Is a great libido-starter
10. Gets your feminine power unleashed.

So, if you live in the Los Angeles area, book your class now and see you on the dance floor. If not, check out your local health clubs or adult classes and get registered now. Stilettos not required, but do get some to boost your derriere and confidence!

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