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I am worried for our children. Why? Well, because  I have had it with the Right Wing conservatives, who seem to be pushing themselves on the rest of us as the carriers of moral supremacy. I don’t like to wax political on this site, as I am after all and first and foremost here to soothe your sexual ills and inspire your sexual bliss. But someone is raining on the ultimate parade of my pleasures: “Dancing With the Stars” has gone rogue!

I am moving beyond my rage to a feeling of compassion for Miss Bristol Palin,  the teen daughter of a former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. It was Miss Bristol who got knocked up by the equally naive Levi Johnson. I’m afraid her innocence is waning and her newly crafted sexy act is stealing the show.

I am impressed that women seem to be taking their “powah” to the polls these days as dueling candidates; that’s a good thing. But the bad news is that this is one of the nastiest campaign seasons in American history, with mud slinging, lies and bigotry at every nook and cranny of this hatred-filled plastering of messages that are certain to polarize this country to its lowest common denominator of intelligence. To be transparent,  I vote Independent but register as a Dem to get to take a stand at the Primaries and once in a while jump across the paper aisle for the best issue or the best candidate. I even once was on the Congressional staff for the former Republican Senator James Jeffords when he was the sole U.S. Rep from the fair Green Mountain State of Vermont, way back when, as a proud member of the team. But he defected from Republican to Independent to change the balance in Congress as one of my evergreen heroes.

So, there she is, on “Dancing With the Stars” a non-performer, who happens to be kinda cute and the daughter of a famous mom. Bristol is a gutsy single mom–plump, not too bright, determined to shine for her ego’s sake, and she is dancing in competition with real talent. Every other show or so her mother sits in the audience, grinning from ear to ear, despite the boos that happened a few weeks ago….maybe they were for the low scores or maybe they truly were for the sheer pandering to Sarah Palin’s need for political attention wherever she can grab it, despite on whose toes or delicate egos she stomps. Yes, I believe she is even using her own daughter for her personal gains and political hubris.

So, here is Miss Bristol,  prancing around and saying week after week, (OMG, can you believe she survived to Week 7??!! with so little talent compared to those other stars?) that she is so embarrassed, as the star teen activist for ABSTINENCE for Goddess’ sake, while she parades around with boobs bouncing, black stockings revealing almost a crotch, and being a sex bomb as much as she is capable. The hair, the make up, the outfits, the decollete cleavage, the bumping and grinding, aka acting like she is the embodiment for an ad for sexual allure, a sex symbol, a promoter of being a sex object, while she spouts her message about “just say no” to youth who long to be a dancer, I mean, have sex like she did as a teenager in Wasilla, Alaska,  and who is now emptying fresh diapers into the pail. That’s the problem. She is confused. So is our country. About right and wrong, about the truth of self empowerment and making sound, sensible choices. Such hypocrisy is why our youth are so totally clueless and mixed up about sexuality today. They are floundering seeking answers to the critical questions, like when it is OK to “have sex”? They are dazed about what is OK for them to express any semblance of authentic eroticism, or even how to indicate being a girl or boy in today’s ambivalent culture.

But, back to the quandary of Miss Bristol,  most of us are not deceived by this charade. We deserve better than this. From the tomfoolery of the conservative take-over of our pseudo-moral values, or should I say absence of morals in values, thank you very much, Miss Bristol. And may the American public find the sense to vote you off next week and let the dancers bring me back my favorite show please….

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