Check it out; Dr. Patti was quoted on WebMD in the Men’s Health section
“7 Sex Mistakes Men Make–Experts’ Sex Tips for Men Who Have Sex With Women”
…for example, “Dirty talk can be fun, too, Britton says, “if everyone’s on the same page about it.” And if you don’t like talking dirty, you can still talk sexy without being lewd.

“Telling her you want her can be highly arousing and get great results,” Britton says. “But say, ‘I want you,’ and not, ‘I want it.’ That’s the secret.”

What’s more, Britton says men should not hold back moans, grunts, and sighs. “Sounds of sex are sexy, and a turn-on,” she says. Making those noises can help both partners get into the experience more fully.

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By Martin Downs, MPH

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