Just in case you missed it, Dr. Robert Dunlap and I were guests on Dr. Diana Wiley’s “Love, Lust, and Laughter” radio show recently. This is our 4th or 5th time we both have been featured guests on this fabulous show. Dr. Diana is a sex therapist, psychotherapist and media diva with the most velvety sensual voice, a bright mind and titillating sense of fun. We talked about our SAR trainings and how the “50 Shades…” wave has pushed BDSM into the mainstream. Listen to the recording here

Wouldn’t you like to know what SAR stands for? Nope. It’s not a bird flu, it’s a rousing, riveting, transformational weekend intensive that pushes you to new levels of tolerance, acceptance and a sense of self-empowerment about all things sexual. You become immersed in media depictions of sexual expression, learn to share your innermost thoughts and depths of emotions in the group process, and feel the authenticity of the “lived experience” of people from the Trans, BDSM, sacred sexuality and many other communities who boldly and compassionately share their life stories. Anyone with an interest in working with people in sexuality or just wanting to grow in their own awareness about sexuality in general can benefit from taking a SAR. To become a certified expert in sexuality from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, a SAR is a standard requirement. All interested participants are welcome, after an initial screening interview by phone, email or Skype. For more information, visit us here.

And to spice things up nicely, try listening to this show on the same network, with two spicy smart hosts interviewing Dr. Patti about sex coaching and sex trends of the day…Listen.

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