Wouldn’t you like to tap into a live stream interview by Dr. Patti with the esteemed, edgy and smart Dr. Marty Klein? Check it out: We taped on Valentines Day, Tuesday, 2/14th at 2 pm PT, 5 pm EST. Dr. Klein is one of the world’s most renowned sex therapists who writes with a sharp mind and tongue about all things sexual. He is best known for his amazing blog on the politics of sex, but now, as a seasoned therapist, he reveals his own spin on how to approach resolving sexual concerns by avoiding “normal”, reducing emphasis on orgasms, finding ways to mutually align emotionally and physically, and to rule out the usual list of suspects that shut down our sexual function and pleasure.
Sexual Intelligence is an easy read, a good self-help book for anyone who suffers from less than optimal sexual experiences of any kind, and for clinicians seeking guidance on how to treat their patients from a kind, accepting, and informed place toward ultimate sexual fulfillment.

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