On March 3rd a large group of visiting scholars from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality departed from Los Angeles to speak at the Chinese Sexology Conference this March, 2013. This is a first, promoting radical concepts for female sexuality–both for women’s pleasure and health. I was one of those speakers, talking about the role of the new sex coaching in promoting women’s orgasm.

This is one of our first trips to the Far East—We at SexCoachU have been leading International SAR training programs around the world through my training sites at The Institute for Sexual Self Realization and Sex Coach U. But this one was different; being a dignitary and scholar is such an honor! In the late 1960’s I visited Hong Kong, and it was with great surprise and amazement that I have returned to that exotic city once again to explore the sexual cultures and the fine food, shopping and spiritual venues. Read all about it in my trip report above, in two parts: Part One~the professional; Part Two~the personal and what I learned.

再見 (Good Bye!)

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