I need to scream out to the skies: CAITLYN JENNER is a hero and deserves to have won the ESPYs Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. She is one of my new role models for social change, positive acceptance and world peace. Yes, that last one is part of the social equation I see today—one of hatred and fear=phobia as in homophobia or transphobia. I have worked with TRANS persons since the early 1990s as a transition coach and sex coach. Never have I met people with so much struggle and angst or such depth of their humanity, regardless of their personal story or their heritage. I’m not talking about the silly minimalization about their make-up, hair, dress attire or shoes choice! Whether or not you like the former Bruce Jenner morphing into this new authentic self that has emerged, we are witnessing a sea change agent for a better world. I felt it last night. I waited over 2 long hours of the ESPY Awards (“yo no hablo sports” is one of my mottos, so it was agony) before the 3rd hour when finally they did their big reveal. For months now, I have been in awe of the PR this trans woman has garnered along her path—first the stints with the Cardashians, then the spotlight with Diane Sawyer, the cover of Vanity Fair in UK and USA, and her own reality show coming on the air any minute (“I am Cait”).


But last night it all became crystal clear to me. A TRANS or any other sexually or gender diverse person has the right to be on earth, just like the rest of us, as a respected, fully valued and cherished human. The suicide, murder and other crime rates are over the top for trans persons. Yet, last night the beautiful person on that stage decried the accusations that she was a publicity whore, and instead gave hope and a voice and face to the movement that is changing our world for good. Trans are here to stay. They are a part of the fabric of our society and can be the symbols for the need in this hate-filled violent world for greater change, for more good, for more tolerance and for more love. Her speech sent chills down the proverbial spine of the viewers, when she stood up for her becoming who she really always was, her choices, her suffering, and her love and appreciation for her family, especially the touching tribute to her mother.

I hope that her journey remains safe, uplifting and one to be admired. She is my hero today and I salute her COURAGE while I blow to her parapet on those Malibu hills a well deserved kiss!

Love & Light, Dr. Patti

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