Starring: Christine Aguilera as Ali, Cher as Tess, Stanley Tucci as Sean
Director: Steve Antin

This is one good flick! Even though I waited till it showed up at the second rate cinema, I was blown away by the talent and the sheer (Cher) heights of fun.

Yes, Christina A can rock the house; but so can Cher, the amazing, ageless wonder who can still belt a tune and act. And the sexiness of the stage shows, the dancing, singing, and acting made for a great and happy surprise. I recommend this to behold the powers of anti-aging (think Cher on silicon serum), the charm of a straight chick in love with a queen (Cher and Tucci’s uncanny love relationship), the talents on display by Cher and especially the uber-gifted Aguilera who can do it all and hint at leaving a spot on your theater seat afterwards. Despite the flub on our national anthem on the Super Bowl, Miss Christina is among the tops of pops today. If you want to pump up the volume on erotic imagery and visuals, and hear some fantabulous singing, see it.

Forgettabout the lousy critics’ reviews. This one is worth a couple of hours on your flatscreen with beer and popcorn at home.

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