It’s that time, again, for love, romance, hearts and chocolates. You do know, right, that chocolate really IS an aphrodisiac, complete with brain chemicals (PEA) that stimulate that “I love you” sensation? Well here are five sure-fire ways to say “Be My Valentine” this year:

1. Be daring and commit to a getaway soon. How about you book a ticket on that cruise ship now to sail away to enticingly exotic, and HOT lands and seaports that delight all the senses? Or let yourself luxuriate on one of the finest liners on the high seas. Then get to talk with Dr. Patti live on her seminars, video workshop and private coaching sessions. If that’s not possible for you, even a weekend at the local dude ranch of Hotel 9 will do for a change of venue.

2. Write a romance story for your sweetheart. Pretend you are a character from the past, or have just rejoined with your own long lost lover. Be sweet, gentle and romantic as you can muster up. Invent some romantic poetry. Or if your creative juices are running on empty, just go to the web and search and download something spicy and loving for a bedtime story.

3. Dress it up. Wear something totally alluring, or nothing at all under that dress or pants suit at dinner. Be the vamp. Be the hunk. Wear what you’ve got or buy something racy right now. Go wild and free yourself to be the trampy pair you know you wanna be. Of course chocolates and red wine or roses never hurt to boost up the ante on being a romantic duo.

4. Talk dirty tonight. Use your vocal talents and your lip gloss to get everything moist. Practice some dirty words alone, silently, or really turn up the volume if you already do this kind of pillow talk. If you don’t know how, rent an adult video and start talking like them. Don’t howl, though, it can be quite comical if this is a genre that’s new to you. Or, get the videos from Candida Royalle at or here in our store, for good role models for pleasure and naughtiness.

5. Experiment with new sexual things this weekend. If VD falls on a Friday, you can begin your erotic journey on Friday and let it last all weekend. Use this time to take your time, go slowly into all of the flavors of pleasure you can imagine, and then try new positions, videos, toys, a little bondage play, or even explore new orifices. One of our favorite edgy and informative, yet evocative videos out is “Beyond Vanilla” a BDSM, Kink and Fetish video featuring over 100 candid interviews and show-and-tell style of the sexual playground that awaits you. Check it out at: for more information

Happy Valentines’ Day and make every day count!

Make Someone's Day
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