This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2005:

It’s fall again and it’s crisp and cool, sending my energies into high gear at last from a fairly hot and un-motivating summer’s sweat-producing swell. What’s different with fall? Our energies do run higher than the sleepier, sultry counterpart of summer. In some ancient traditions fall is the beginning of a new year. To me, maybe as a carry-over from the tradition of the start of the school year, fall is indeed the start of something new. So, why not ‘bring in da new’ with a masturbation marathon? Find yourself an empty Sunday afternoon (unless you have to work Sundays, in which case, select a day off for your schedule) and get cracking on solo soliloquy. Here are some tips:
1. Slide back into bed after a nice breakky of eggs, toast, coffee and your energizing vites, of course. Maybe you’ve already read the massive Sunday Times of your city and mind is in full gear.
2. Settle on which sex toys/helpers you wish to bring by your side, including your own personal vibrator (yes, guys can use these power tools, too) and a nice handy lube to use. You may also want to plant a sexy and arousing movie on the DVD or click play on the music player for mood-setting audio wallpaper, like the tried-and-true faves of the soundtracks from “Titanic” or “Braveheart”. Or indulge your ears in the beat of your fancy. Speaking of “Braveheart”, you may, too, if you’re a hetero gal, want to keep the DVD cover handy to sneak peeks at any hot movie star dude or if you are a hetero guy, like most I’ve met, an eye on Kate’s naked body in that painting may do the job to get Mr. Boner into action. For us gals, sliding into wetness may take some prep, like thinking off to times when we were passionately made love to, or revisiting that naughty romp we once had with a stranger in the dark under the warmth of 5 blankets in that Paris hotel in the 80’s.
3. Fantasize if you must about what may turn you on. Apply some water-based lube (especially if you are going to have real-life, partner sex after with someone with whom you use condoms) and slip around on your delicate rosebud of a clit or in between your genital drapery to start the natural juices flowing.
4. Then, rub a dub dub. If you are the type that needs a power toy, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, or that double-action dildo/vibe like the Rabbit Pearl or its many counterparts, or if you just like the natural feel of your own nubby fingers on your privates, then have a long go at it. I mean long. Take your time. The greatest mistake that both men and women make in solo sex is not going long or far enough. For my pre-orgasmic women the saying and cooing on the sidelines of “Keep going” are sometimes the magic words that let her release her first orgasm. For him, if he’s a Jiffy Popper in sexual penetration, telling him to let those urges to rush subside and keep going with his own slow hand will translate happily into bed with his honey when he needs to show more self-control.
5. Then keep at it. I happen to like to use a Hitachi as my bedside companion (along with my own human partner) and call him “Harry”. Harry and I have had a very long-term, committed and successful relationship. He helps me focus, to try new intensities of pulsations, new angles, and gives my tired hands (or my honey’s) a well deserved break. Many women, like me, take a while to peak. So, if this is you, maybe getting a Harry to stash under your pillow or a Ralph or Mickey (you get to decide which type of vibrator is best for your unique needs and what to call it), may be your best ally for great and lasting orgasms.
6. Next Sunday, when the game is on and he or she is glued to the set, get down under the covers with the “tool” of your choice, get juicy and let ‘er rip. The more the merrier. I find that if you add the talents of holding your PC’s while you buzz or dabble in fingerplay, you’re going to result in lasting pleasures. Oh, and after your first say 12 orgasms have subsided, give a holler to your sweetheart upstairs to come down and play some more. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to ring in the fall, now?

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