I’ve mentioned many times before that pornography is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of what real sex between non-actors is like. Generally I’m referring to over-the-top responses to pleasure, larger than average or prettier than average genitalia, and ultra marathon stamina conveyed in pornography that simply may not be true for couples watching. I love that people like Courtney Trouble and Kitty Stryker are working to create pornography that’s inclusive, ethical, and body positive.

Many critics of pornography cite that performance in erotic films means it’s damaging to culture, creating unrealistic expectations. In Seems Legit: Authenticity, Performativity, and Sex (NSFW*) Kitty Stryker points out that some critics perceive her authentic, genuine response to pleasure as extreme and beyond what a realistic response would be. So she performs, so it will appear more “real.” Seems really counterintuitive to me!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE courageous women like Kitty Stryker who do important work to change the world’s opinions on women, sex, and pleasure. My concern is that women like Kitty Stryker feel the need to fit in a box. If only we had more awareness and understanding of the wide range of sexual expression then they wouldn’t feel pressured to create only the kind of material the world demands. I’d like to see all pornography (created with ethical methods) free to portray the full spectrum of human sexual behavior and sexual expression without condemnation.

Kitty makes many important and thought-provoking points so I highly encourage you to read her article: Seems Legit: Authenticity, Performativity, and Sex

* NSFW, depending on your work of course!

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