About Dr. Patti

About Dr. Patti Britton

There are few sex experts who walk their talk.
Dr. Patti does it better than all the rest,
with a uniquely smart, tell-it-like-it-is warmth and pizzazz.

Not only does she hold an amazing pedigree as a nationally board-certified clinical sexologist and world renown sex coach, she’s the author of hundreds of articles and four amazing books, a popular speaker to the masses and a seasoned pro to her peers, a cyber-diva on sex, as the original sexpert for iVillage.com, and host of her own website and 35 DVDs about sexuality. Her media record speaks for itself—appearances on over 175 television shows, such as “Montel”, “Hard Copy”, UPN, History Channel, “Sexcetera”, CNBC, and CBS News; and as the featured guest on 200 interviews for live talk and news radio. She’s a darling of the print media, with over 200 quotes in pop magazines, including weekly requests for her wisdom in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and more. Plus she’s been that sassy monthly columnist for Penthouse Forum.

Dr. Patti is the very top leadership in the field of sexology: Dr. Britton possesses a Ph.D. and Masters in Public Health, both in Human Sexuality. She has stellar credentials including Past-President of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT); Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists; Diplomate, American Board of Sexology; AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator; Member of the American College of Sexologists; Member of the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality; Associate Professor of Sexology, for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and is Director/faculty for the Sexuality Certificate Track at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology/Westwood. She has a private practice in Los Angeles and leads couples’ workshops at charming resorts in Las Vegas and in California. Dr. Patti is co-founder of SCI, the world’s premier credentialing and training institute on sex coaching.

Dr. Patti believes that women and men have a divine birthright to experience their sexual power, eroticism and ultimate pleasure.

Each year Dr. Patti conducts 5-10 professional trainings, an average of 6 major consumer events, participates in 100+ national magazine/news interviews, speaks on over 10 major radio shows, and appears on-camera for television, documentaries, Webcasts and instructional DVD programs for couples’ sensual enhancement. She is one active media pro!

Dr. Patti Britton
PO Box 2220
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

URL: www.drpattibritton.com

West Los Angeles Office

(323) 791-7801

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