[This is an arousal assessment for men, women and couples developed by Dr. Patti Britton. It is her exclusive intake form for arousal determinants.]

(Place an X or a checkmark beside any that apply)
What turns you on?
1. ___thinking about past lover(s)
2. ___thinking about future lover(s)
3. ___sex with a stranger
4. ___fantasies (with or without acting on them)
5. ___role play (not S&M)
6. ___blind dates (anticipation)
7. ___using a sexual nickname (write here:)
8. ___using a sexual nickname for your genitals (write here)
9. ___reading erotica
10. ___writing erotica
11. ___watching porn videos/DVDs
12. ___reading XXX magazines
13. ___watching Internet porn
14. ___paid live erotic entertainment
15. ___emails to your lover
16. ___Internet dating
17. ___cybersex
18. ___romantic talk
19. ___”dirty talk”
20. ___phone sex
21. ___a good fight with partner
22. ___dressing up for sex
23. ___strip tease by your partner
24. ___strip tease for your partner
25. ___seeing partner naked
26. ___viewing partner’s genitals and/or breasts
27. ___watching your partner masturbate
28. ___masturbating for your partner
29. ___bathing, showering or tubbing together
30. ___laughter
31. ___giving or getting chocolates
32. ___giving or getting flowers
33. ___drinking or recreational drugs before sex
34. ___food or fine dining
35. ___a romantic environment
36. ___the smell of your lover (natural or colognes, etc)
37. ___background music playing
38. ___sensual touch
39. ___getting a massage before sex
40. ___giving a massage before sex
41. ___casual hand-holding and affectionate touch
42. ___deep kissing
43. ___breast stimulation
44. ___oral-genital stimulation on partner
45. ___oral-genital stimulation on yourself
46. ___oral-anal stimulation on partner
47. ___oral-anal stimulation on yourself
48. ___penis-in-vagina penetration
49. ___penis-in-anus penetration
50. ___fetish or kink play
51. ___BD/DS/SM practices
52. ___going to a swing party or club
53. ___sex toys
54. ___public sex (in cars, etc)
55. ___manual touch on your genitals
56. ___manual touch on your partner’s genitals
57. ___feeling love for your partner; feeling loved by your partner
58. ___spiritual union with your sexual partner(s)
59. ___Other: (Anything we missed? Write in here; use all the space you need…)

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